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Lance Coleman also known as Fuze The Mc, is an Oakland-based digital strategist, hip hop artist, and business developer. He is also well known for albums including Tell Me Something Good, Legend of A King, One Black Man, The Audacity of Soul, and Boom Boom Clap. He is a self-made rapper and has been featured on MTV and XXL. He is the founder of Noble Black Society and currently works Digital Strategist for The Blueprint Group and Social Weaver at Zoo Labs.

Early Life & Career

Lance Coleman was born in Smyrna, GA. He went to Campbell High School. In childhood he developed an interest in activities including baseball, Boyscouts, Basketball, computer programming, and others. He earned Bachelor's of Communications, Radio, TV, Film from Howard University in 2014. After hearing him rap Big Boi (of Outkast) labeled him, “The dopest n*gga I heard all year and it’s only July” and co-sign him. While he was studying computer programing in high-school, Coleman met XXL freshman rapper Blu and eventually developed a passion for poetry and music. Blu gave him the opportunity to perform his rapping skills in Tell Me Something Good with a song called Something Good. Coleman continued his music career along with his passion for computer savvy edge and began working for Sound Exchange and later in 2012 he joined The Blueprint Group, artist management company, as a digital strategist and worked for several artists. He was acknowledged in the music industry while working on the projects and made online presence with some leading brands which include Lil Wayne, Common, Nicki Minaj, The Roots, Hit Boy, G-Eazy, Euro, Lil Twist, Audio Push, Jake Troth, Stacy Barthe, Jaunt, Music Business Toolbox, Antonique Smith, Fantastic Negrito, Blackalicious, Chris Willits, Mack Maine, Ester Dean, Bosko Kante, Colette Carr and others.


In 2014 Coleman founded and worked as CEO of the Iv The Love, managing the projects for various brands Howard University, Common, Jill Scott, Noble Black Society, McPherson Business Council, ElectroSpit. In 2015, he also worked as a Social Weaver for Zoo Labs in West Oakland and venture advisor for Binary Capital. Recently, he created an app, Playola, that helps artists to connect with fans to build a bigger fanbase. Coleman influenced the type of philanthropic work he was involved in as a founder of Noble Black Society. He was named MTV’s The Freshman as well as awarded as HBCU artist of the year in 2012.


Coleman was a speaker at the white house tech summit for Computer Science Education Week where he focused on creating sustainable interest in technology careers for young students.
He is also a speaker at the SF MusicTech summit XVI held in San Francisco, CA in 2014.
He was selected to be the keynote speaker of the European Commerce Conference.
He also spoke at the Berkeley Haas Play Conference with Ryan Leslie held in 2015.
He also spoke at Berkeley School Of Business and for multiple on-campus student lead organizations.
He also has spoken at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley`

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